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The garden of the Biasi house is a private garden in the village of Pesina near Caprino Veronese in the hills around Lake Garda; it is open to public view by appointment.
The garden was originally designed by Luciana and Mario Biasi on the land around the antique family villa in 1977; Cecilia and Nico have continued and completed the project, bringing the garden to its present state.
It covers an area of 16,000 square metres and consists of a "Romantic Park", close to the villa, and a "Mediterranean Garden" which extends east of the  building.
Inside both the "Romantic Park" and the "Mediterranean Garden" small gardens have been created, each with its own characteristics and which are described in the website.
The garden is very attractive from a landscape point of view and very rich from a botanic one: in fact from February to November different flowers blossom one after another and this makes the garden very interesting to all those who love gardening.
Visits to the garden are by appointment, accompained by the owners.

                               Pesina di Caprino Veronese
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